would it hurt to put food colouring in vodka?!

Question: Would it hurt to put food colouring in vodka?
i want to make different coloured vodkas, but will they be okay to drink after?


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Oh Yeah, it tastes great!
Coloured cordial is good too!
Skittle bombs are a good shot, or skittle infused vodka is also fantastic (not the shot form)

What do you think food colouring is for?

It is made to be used in food and drinks.

The bigger question is, why would anyone want to drink vodka?

Gin is a far better choice.

Try making vodka flavoured with Skittles, it's awesome! Makes a great shot, or tastes wonderful with lemonade :)

Will post recipe on request :D

Sure!! Use just a few drops though - cos they might affect the taste! No harm though - they are used in cakes all the time!

yehh! jus little bits cuz it makes the taste different but they use it in cocktails all the time.

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