Cinzano Jamaican Supreme Flavoured wine, is it still good?!

Question: Cinzano Jamaican Supreme Flavoured wine, is it still good?
I just went through my late great Grans things which my Nan is hording in her much stuff not in use its sad really, because more than 3 quarters could be given to charity.

Any way I found some old wines I remember seeing them in the cabinets at grans, i mean i can remember them there as far back as when i was 7-8 years old. i'm now 26, 27 in may so there over 20 years old.

What I want to know is are they any good to drink?

there is one 750ml bottle of Cinzano Jamaican supreme flavoured wine.. no bottling date no alcohol percentage it has an orange label. made in Australia.

then there are 4 1.5 liter bottles of sparkling wines, there names are...

Bodega Sparkling naturally fermented it says it was the official supplier of the XII commonwealth games apparently that was 1982!...
San Bernadino Wines Spumante from San Bernadino's Grifith estate Australia...
Yalumba spakling cold duck by Yalumba Vinyards Australia....
Imperila Reserve McWilliams Pink Champagne...
and a bottle of
Freemasons Hotel specialy selected Spumante 750ml

None of there have bottling dates, but I suspect over 20 years going on 30 in a few more.

My engagement party is this May and My Wedding next may (2012) and it would be great to know if they would make a fab celebration toast or if I should just tip them in the sink?


I very seriously believe any of the wines you mentioned would be any good.
All were very inexpensive and not meant for aging even if stored in ideal conditions.
The wines were made for immediate consumption.
To the sink would be your only choice.

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