One of my friends has a drinking problem and is an alcoholic. ?!

Question: One of my friends has a drinking problem and is an alcoholic. ?
Friend has bad drinking problem and urinated on his self in his sleep. The next day he also got drunk and did it again but he was not passed out he was wide awake. So my question is why did this happen? Is there something that could be medicaly wrong with him because of his drinking or was he just drunk out of oblivian? Please help.


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That happened to me once before. I had been really drunk and woke up and realized I had pissed myself. lol I dont think their is a medical problem but its deffinatly not good.

If he has a drinking problem and refuses to get help then you really should consider an intervention and maybe forcing him to go into rehab. Alcoholism is no joke untreated alcoholism will either cause jail time, mental institution or premature death for the alcoholic. You really should talk him into getting help and if he refuses maybe get it court ordered by a judge to prove he is a harm to himself do not ignore this however if your friend is an alcoholic and doesn't get help he could die. This is very serious. A court can make him get help whether he wants it or not in that case if he is court ordered into rehab or AA and refuses they can arrest him for it. But consider doing something if your friend is an alcoholic it will get worse never better and he might just drink himself to death find a way to get help for him before it's too late good luck. Alcoholics sometimes drink themselves to death. Your friend very well could be on this road you got to stop him.

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