Can you buy absinthe in a liqueur store now (US)?!

Question: Can you buy absinthe in a liqueur store now (US)?
if not where do you get it?


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Yes. And wormwood was never the problem with absinthe, it was all political.

Many brands of absinthe are now available in the US

The best one is Kubler.

Not the real thing. It is, however, available in Canada. There is a product in the US called Lucid. But it is only a facsimile. Real wormwood absinthe is still illegal here, but not for any real good reason. Absinthe tastes like most other "anisettes" but the alcohol content is considerably higher. It's not cheap either. But worth trying, because, absinthe makes the heart grow fonder!! :)
PS: I've drank it on several occasions and never hallucinated. But i did enjoy the drink and the process. It's just really really strong drink.

If Everclear is legal, then there is no reason to alienate Absinthe.

You can, but without the wormwood, which is the hallucinogenic agent in absenth. Order it online from europe and get it shipped to you discreetly. My friends have done it. Google around for it

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