What is the minimum amount of marijuana to use for effective green dragon?!

Question: What is the minimum amount of marijuana to use for effective green dragon?
Assuming high-proof alcohol (Everclear) and cheap marijuana (mids.)

I want to make a batch of green dragon, but I want it as effective as possible for the money. I know that smoking is the least effective way of getting high, so I assume that even a single high's worth (0.25 grams) from smoking would be just as if not more effective in drink form.

So as close to exact as possible, about how much of a gram of mids should be used per shot, or what amount is best for 750ml of alcohol?


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Steam boiling would probably be the most effective way of removing the THC from the leaves, Stir heavily and Filter through fine mesh into Sealible container.

The use a few drops of the #5# on Cookies, brownies... you name it..

THC Syrup...Dont overdo it and keep in mind... the effects can last for 24 hours or more if ingested in this form!

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