Question about finding a particular brand of wine...?!

Question: Question about finding a particular brand of wine...?
A couple years ago I worked at UPS (loading)... one evening a box came down my belt and broke. It was the most delicious smelling wine I have ever experienced. This wine smelled of wonderfully ripe strawberries, I could have got on the line and lapped it up it smelled so grand! I asked what brand of wine, and thought I would remember, but of course I did not. I do remember the brand started with an "x" or "z."

Is there anyone out there familiar with a wine brand that starts with "x" or "z" or know of way I might find out which company it maybe?



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More than likely it was XYZin. A delicious inexpensive California Zinfandel.
Lots of berry aromas and easy to find. Check you local outlets.

Hello Jenni,

Is that Red Wine - Zenato 2003 ?

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Check with your local liquor store wine consultant and perhaps he can help you.

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