Why didn't I have a hangover?!

Question: Why didn't I have a hangover?
I was spending the night at my friend's house the other night. I've had a beer on my 21st birthday and got buzzed and I also had a glass of wine on New Years. Anyway, this time I drank 2 cans of Mike's Harder Lemonade. Granted, I didn't drink the entire thing. I was sharing it with a friend. But the second can was given to me because my friend said "we need to get you drunk." Most of that 2nd can was drunk completely by me. My friend just drank a quick swig to show me how to get drunk faster. So I calculated that my BAL was about .05-.07. I was constantly falling asleep, my balance was definitely off, and I only remember bits and pieces of that night. I also found out I'm a drunk texter. Although I was below the legal limit, I know I was drunk. All my friends say I was drunk too. But when I woke up, I didn't have the slightest headache. I wasn't hung over at all. The next morning, everyone asked me how I felt and how bad my hangover was. Why didn't I have a hangover? Don't get me wrong...I'm glad I didn't...but why didn't I? BTW, I drank on an empty stomach. I hadn't eaten anything since about 4 or 5pm and I got drunk at about 1:30 in the morning.


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it could have been way cheap and you may have a low tolerance for alchohol so the little you had was enough to get you drunk quick but not enough to result in a hangover, plus did you drink any water? that sends alchohol through ur system way fast and dilutes the effect

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I never get a hang over when I drink, even when I get completely wasted to the point where I cannot function. Like, one time I did 6 shots of Bacardi Gold, and had 2 beers and I was fine the next day. More recently, my bf's bday party- about 1 1/2 8% tilts and I don't know how much beer... I played a lot of pong. Nothing the next day. Even on nights where it was just straight beer, liquor, or tilts no hangover.
My guess is I'm a lightweight, so I get really drunk really easily, so I don't have to drink as much. Two Mikes really wouldn't be enough to give a hang over. That's not even a buzz for some bigger guys. Some people have to drink a ridiculous amount to get drunk. I don't know how they do it. And they wake up wanting to die in the morning. We're blessed, in a way ;) enjoy having fun without the repercussion the next day! haha.

So you drank part of two 12 oz bottles of Mike's Hard Lemonade and a glass of wine? That pretty much explains it. That's not all too much.

It really depends on the type of alcohol and the pace/quantity it's drunk at. Mike's Hard Lemonade is notorious for making people sick because of all the sugar in it (not in the hang over kind of way of being sick). Wine and cheap liquor is the biggest culprit for a hang over. A lot of congeners and tannins in wine will give help a hangover along. :/

If you pace yourself you can drink a lot of alcohol, over say, one night. If you pound down some even weaker stuff really quick and cause your BAL to shoot up you can still get a real nasty hangover.


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