should I worry about this while drinking?!

Question: Should I worry about this while drinking?
have anxiety sometimes, and when I get nervous at night I become over aware of my breathing, and i worry that im not getting enough air.(even though nothings wrong) Well a while ago me and my friends drank a little bit (Ive had alcohol before) And I dont even think that we were drunk but in the back of my mind i was afraid of getting alcohol poisoning or something. I would become over aware of my breathing and I would get really paranoid. Even though when I wouldnt think about it, I was fine. Is this a serious problem?


Your being paranoid and somewhat of a hypochondriac. Relax and try not to think this way.

You should probably take the drinking down a notch and think about how you feel when you are drinking. I mean you don't want to get alcohol poisoning!

Yes you should be worried ..this could be a form of my opinion you should see a psychologist...


yes u should

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