Can alcohol poisoning go untreated?!

Question: Can alcohol poisoning go untreated?
So I'm a really small person who doesn't drink often, and the other night I got WAY out of control and drank almost an entire bottle of vodka, taking shots with no chasers, etc. Well I was away from home and am underage (please don't lecture me, I have learned my lesson!) so I didn't tell my parents but I started puking around 4am and didn't stop until 4pm the next day. I couldn't even keep water down. I was throwing up at least every hour. I have never felt more miserable in my life. Well today I started thinking maybe I had alcohol poisoning, and I read online that if you are still throwing up 8 - 12 hours after your last drink (which I was) that you definitely had alcohol poisoning. So my question is, if I did have it, since I feel better now does that mean it is just kinda healing itself? Or do you think I should still seek treatment for it? I really don't know what to do. That was friday and it's sunday night and I haven't thrown up today but am still nauseous in little bits off and on. What do you suggest I do?!


Sounds like you're body is still recovering and between now and the throwing up you must have had one hell of a hang over! Just keep drinking fluids and you'll be fine.

Well you'r not dead, and you'r well enough to go on the computer, so just take it easy, try to drink some water or gatorade, eat some plain toast, and you'll be fine.
Feel better!

I think if you are concerned that you might want to contact your local poison control center:

They can give you accurate information about what to do or not in your situation.

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