what would happen if i drank 20 gallons of coffee?!

Question: What would happen if i drank 20 gallons of coffee?


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You would never know because you wouldn't be in this living world again.

There is no possible way you can drink 20 galloons of coffee and still be alive you'd probably die after the first galloon and never get the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 20th galloon You would die from liver and kidney overload cause our organs can't hold that much liquid no matter what it is we are drinking. Don't even try this unless you are sick and tired of living by the way did you hear about that lady on the news who drank a galloon of water and died? She said water is good for you and she wanted to do an experiment by trying to drink 4 galloons of water to prove that water is good for you and she started chugging the water then died after 1 and a half galloons of it. If you want to join her at the graveyards I strongly suggest do not try this. She died from kidneys overload her kidneys couldn't deal with the pressure from that much water so she died.

I must have drank at least 20 gallons of coffee from 1989 to present. Nothing noteworthy happened.

It would obviously make you unable to see this is the Beer, Wine and Spirits Board.

idk-why don't you give it a try?and if you're still alive let us know

what a dumb ***

You would explode like that blue berry kid on Willy Wonka.

Since cafeen is a drug it would probably kill u.

you'd have very exciting last ten seconds of your life

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