Am I going to die soon if I don't change my drinking habits?!

Question: Am I going to die soon if I don't change my drinking habits?
I am an almost 24 year old female who drinks each either a 375 ml bottle of bacardi or other spirit, a 750 ml bottle of wine or a 1 liter bottle of sweet cocktail like Alize or tequila rose and others every friday saturday and sunday and I mean EVERY friday, saturday and sunday If I don't drink less what will be the end result?


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More like hundreds of times Sarah, when you get an answer that says "Drinking loads of alcohol is really good for you" you will continue to live in denial (but not for very long).

Well if you're that much of an idiot to have to ask (and 30 times at that) then I say YES it's perfectly alright to keep drinking like that. The end result is that your liver will continue to process it but just in case, if you get on the liver transplant list now, by the time it's your turn you'll be just in time and all you'll have to do is make the switch. Get on the brain transplant list too while your at it, and try to find a donor who's not as much of an idiot as you.

I think drinking itself is not the bad habit.But drinking too much is the bad habit so i hope you had understood what i am saying.In our country lets not specify we used to drink little bit of wine everyday(but not by all) that will keep our digestive system strong.But drinking too much effects itself.May be you know that too much sugar tastes bitter.hope you understand and avoid lots of drink.

It has to do with genetics. I had a relative that drank at least that much every week from the time she was 14 and lived to be 96 when she got religion and quit drinking and died shortly after.. I've known other people that never seen 40 when they started puking up blood and that was it. They were finished.

lol Kathy whats the deal? There were over 30 answers on this same question yesterday lol. So damn if your that scared that you post this question over 3 times don't do the **** lol really. I have a bad feeling about this one.

Oh, probably. The only person who can answer this accurately is a doctor who is familiar with your physical condition.

if you only drink Friday and Saturday i don't really think its a problem. The five days in between is all you need to recover.


Yeah i wouldnt do it myself, fun is fun but you only live once so it aint worth it

I think you already know the answer to that question.

FYI, my answer is yes.

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