what age were you when you first got drunk?!

Question: What age were you when you first got drunk?
How old were you when you got drunk for the first time and what grade were you in? Looking back, was it a good or bad experience? Even if it was a good experience did you feel guilty or regret it? I'm looking for mature answers by the way so if you got drunk at say 16 and are only 17 odds are you arent going to feel any different about it so yeah..


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I was 17, end of 11th grade. It wasn't the greatest experience the first time (because I got sick) but I don't regret it. I always was around people I knew well and trusted, always had a place to crash or sober cab, and never did anything I wouldn't approve of while sober. I'm now 22 :)


i was 12. i was drinking beer and schnapps, and i thought it was really cool at the time. my mom was super hardcore white trash and just didnt care, she bought me and my cousins the alcohol. i never felt guilty or regret it, but it did make me lose respect for my mom. my friends thought she was cool but it just made me feel like she didnt care about me. in another way, i think i am a little lucky that i got to experiment with alcohol in a safe place with people i could trust, because when i got older and partying became more normal with my friends, i felt less inclined to get stupid drunk, and that kinda kept me out of trouble.

15. I regret nothing because I don't really get hangovers. I'm still 15 and have gotten drunk a few times since. But when I get drunk, it's not blacking out drunk, it's slurry speech and not walking straight and feeling sick.
But I think it's ok because I get really good grades and do sports and stuff.

12 - 13 years old (older sisters fault! she brought cheap cider!!)

i left home at 16 and used to drink ALL the time! i was shy and under confident so would drink to be more sociable... (bad idea!) especially seeing i used to drive a moped!

i do not drink at all now and haven't since i was 18!

I was 13 and I regret it very much because I snuck out with a guy who was 21 and my parents eventually found out because someone told them. :/

15 .. Yeah it was awesome at the time.
The next day I felt like an idiot though.
I'm 16 now and I've gotten drunk a few times after that.



10 years old cuz my momma be givin me vodka!

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