How to drink for the first time?!

Question: How to drink for the first time?
I've never drank before but I wanna try it this weekend at my boyfriend's house. I don't really want to look like I've never drank before..and I don't want to be puking in the bathroom all night. I'm pretty little, 110 lbs, 5'3. I guess I'm a lightweight though..any tips on how much I should drink and what kind if i don't want to be puking?


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an old trick i used to do was drink a beer and then go to the kitchen or bathroom when no one was looking and fill the empty can up with water.... this helps you stay sober longer and also looks like your constantly drinking. i would stay away from shots and just drink beer or stay with one thing dont do vodka, rum, gin, beer.... you will puke

remember the old saying liquor before beer your in the clear, beer before liquor you've never been sicker

First eat well before the party. This will help with reducing the initial effects of alcohol. Next depending on the drinks will depend on what you do.

Do not drink fast but consume your drinks slowly. If drinking mixed drinks make them weak by using more mix than alcohol (normal is 4:1 ratio of mix to alcohol, increase mix to 6:1). Then slow consume the drink. This way you'll not get drunk fast and last longer and allow your body to absorb the booze easier. If food is available then do take some as this will also help with the effects of alcohol.

Do not get into any shots games or such as a body not accustomed to drinking straight alcohol will usually puke after several shots.

You can choose not to drink booze and this is best idea as you get to see the effects on the others (which can be funny). Up to you, but take it in moderation or you might do something you'll regret later on.

Most wine coolers are about 2-3% or so ... this is very low alcohol ... stick with wine coolers. If you are going to make a mixed drink and you have not drank before, use a *tablespoon* of hard liquor for 5 ounces of mixer.
Try to stay away from high-carb foods ... carbs use the same mechanism of metabolism that alcohol does and consequently slows down your ability to metabolize the alcohol. So ... chicken fingers and ranch dressing rather than bread stixs etc ...
Hey, I'm a pickled egg guy, myself.

Go slowly. Don't do shot ater shot after shot.

Have you never had alcohol EVER, or just never had it in a "Yeahhhh we're drinking tonight!!!" sort of way?

My advice is go slowly. Drink things that will taste good to you, if your boyfriend is making them, ask him to not pour them very strongly. Sip slowly, eat, and alternate water with alcoholic drinks.

The water will keep you hydrated so you won't be hungover

Agree with Hello There.
Slowly and very moderately, if you do feel dopey / drunk try and stop or slow down further.
Try not to go outside, unless your outside already. Fresh air seems to boost the drunkeness when you have been inside and warm all night.
Have a good un, Cheers

Tequila shots.

Just tell him you can't drink because you at too much KFC earlier. Avoidance is the best way to solve problems.

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