How to make vodka jelly?!?!

Question: How to make vodka jelly?!?
So, this is really late notice! But my friend turns 18 tomorrow and for her party on Wednesday I would really love to make some vodka jelly, but I obviously really don't have time for trial and error! Would anyone be able to help me in giving accurate measurements etc as I have never made it before! Eeeeeek!

Thanks for any help in advance!!


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If by jelly you mean jello then I can help ya out :)
Just buy a regular size pack of any kind of jello. Follow the directions, but instead of the typical two cups of (hot) water it calls for, add 1 cup of the water and one cup of vodka or rum. Finish it according to instructions and put it into small shot glasses if you want jello shots. Leave in in your fridge for a few hours and youve got yourself alcoholic jello :)

melt the jelly in a bowl and instead of the water pour the vodka in just a little hot water to melt the jelly amd leave in fridge to cool !

oh that sounds delicious!!! especially on a toasted English muffin...are you Russian? jelly??wow ..i guess get some cheap *** vodka with cheap *** jelly and serve ..enjoy ..although the vomiting probably wont be as exciting

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