Ratio between vodka and mixer?!

Question: Ratio between vodka and mixer?
I'm aiming to get drunk but trying to mask the burning taste!!


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it depends on the person but for me.....

vodka to water with a lime is 70 v 30 w lime slice
vodka to red bull 80 v 20 rb
vodka to cola 90 v 10 cola

but really you just have to mix it and taste it.... keep an empty glass next to you so you can change the ratio. have a good night!!!

Getting drunk is not always a good idea, but hey, I do it LOL.
I mix 50/50 coke with vodka myself, if a little too strong and i dont feel vodka has a strong taste like scotch etc, then just add more coke to suit.
Happppyyyy ddaaayyyyssssshhhhh'ssss lmao

It's a matter of personal choice. Bars will serve you a 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 ratio of booze to mixer. When I mix at home I do a 2 to 1 booze to mixer

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