Fake ID, whats the risk?!

Question: Fake ID, whats the risk?
If I was to get a fake ID (I don't want a ethics lesson, I want a real answer please), assuming it was convincing enough and there was no reason to not accept the idea based on it's appearance, are the bartenders allowed to not serve someone just because they "look" under 21, even if their ID looks valid? Like what is basic risk, if the ID looked valid, is there still any way to get in trouble?
Also, are they more strict with out of state ID's, because my state ID is very easy to replicate, no security checks like most other ID's, but I would be using it in another state.


now a days most bars in the major cities use a scanner at the door to tell if it is a fake or not. If someone gave you their real id and they think its not you they just keep the id for the most part and tell you to leave. I was a bouncer in the tri-state area and was told not to accept any id's that were not from PA, NJ or Del..... the lawsuit is big if ABC or LCB find underage kids

good luck try it, just remember that if you try and use it dont memorize all the info think of your license you know birthdate, address age eye color but not the license number or anything like that!!! thats how we used to get kids

Well Im gonna try my best not to give you an ethics lesson, but look, Its VERY Illegal, and most people with fake IDs DO GET CAUGHT at some point. If you look at some graphs and statistics from the gov't you will probably be discouraged. Again I'll try not to give you an ethics lesson, but if you get a fake ID, you're a F***ing idiot, plain and simple. Its stupid, irresponsible, and once you get caught, theres no bribing anyone to "undo" what you did. There will be records of it that will exist forever and your life will be completely screwed up considering how easy it is for people to find those records.

Common damn sense.

Don't even think about it nor even attempt to, I used to bartend several years ago, and believe me I have no problem spotting a fake ID. And sometimes I would ask for 2 pieces of personal identification. So my advice to you is Don't even think about it nor even make an attempt to

Travel to Canada, drinking age is 19.

Don't mess with fake ID. It could hurt you in the long run with more serious ID security issues. Fake ID is fraud. Fake ID record could make travel difficult in the future, or get involved witht the wrong crowd. Its not worth it.

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