can you get a hangover off 1 cooler only?!

Question: Can you get a hangover off 1 cooler only?

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Hangovers are the aftermath of how alcohol has damaged your body. If you keep yourself hydrated and nourished after (and before) a night of drinking, you are less likely to have one/or can help get rid of one. If you were sick or dehydrated when you had your wine cooler, then yes you can have a hangover.

How much you drink and how alcohol affects your body are other factors. My mom has an allergy to alcohol and has very unpleasant effects from drinking it (as well as a bad hangover from any amount of alcohol).

I seriously, seriously doubt it. Unless that cooler was like 80 proof, which I somehow doubt. I have never heard of anyone having a hangover from one drink, much less a cooler which is usually low in alcohol percentage anyway.

I know a dwarf who can get loaded after 2 coolers.

But if you're of average height and whatnot, I highly doubt it.

it can but very uncommon just like there are people who get fall down drunk after a beer while other can drink a case and pass a old non electronic sobrity test

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