Alcohol/ Breathalyzer question?!

Question: Alcohol/ Breathalyzer question?
If i were to have two beers say at 9pm at night, and then have to blow into a breathalyzer the next morning at 5am, would i be able blow .00? Unfortunately i got a DUI a few months ago and have an in-car breathalyzer for the next few months, but i still wanted to be able to go out with friends for a beer or two. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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I believe you should be able to blow a .00, so long as you don't use an alcohol based mouthwash. It shouldn't stay in your system for that long, seeing as beer does have very low alcohol content.

The chance of you blowing a bit more than .00 is relatively high. Maybe for a couple of months drink alcohol free beer. Real friends would understand.

I think you should be okay, but can't you find a friend who would drive once and awhile so that you could drink?? Or spend the night at a friends house? That way your not taking any chances...

2 beers will be loooong gone after a full night's sleep.

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