ALCOHOL:Has anyone here ever had the DT,s ?!

Question: ALCOHOL:Has anyone here ever had the DT,s ?
my dads pal had them and he seen aliens and big tarantulas attacking him , also im studying to be a addiction councilllor so if any one has had the dts and would like to tell me about it , i would be grateful


Yes, I definitely have.

My girlfriend at the time left town and I had lost my job. I sat in a room for 2 weeks chugging whiskey, no food or nothing. I was suicidal I guess. I ran out of liquor and wigged out. My heart was doing a mile a minute and I could not think at all clearly. It was really scary. I remeber I kept trying to throw up then I would light a candle and kneel, I was wacked out

I called the ambulance and at the hospital they gave me meds to calm down. I spent the next 2 days or so in the ICU hallucinating. They had to put an alarm on my bed because I kept getting up thinking I had visitors.

I remeber seeing "shadow people" and very vivid animal creatures, including the Hamburger Helper oven mitt, with which I had a conversation. There were what I described to the nurse as "wisps" everywhere, visual disturbances and I clearly remember a praying mantis on top of the television.

My brain returned to somewhat normal after awhile and I went home.

Thing is, I was on heavy tranquilizers once I went to the hospital all the way through. If not, I could have died and would have been terrified. It was traumatic and I still lay awake thinking about it.

That was from a 2 week binge, I went through like 400 dollars worth of whiskey and ate maybe one or two meals in that time. A few days before this, I had already started to have serious symptoms like confusion and visual disturbances but would just get drunker. I can't imagine 25 years worth...

He's lying. All DTs are are the shakes when your body is craving alcohol. I used to get them early on in my alcoholic career, but they've subsided and am doing just fine. I still get drunk every day/night, but I don't get the shakes in between any more

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