What logic is there in legalising Beer and Cigs, but making weed ilegal?!

Question: What logic is there in legalising Beer and Cigs, but making weed ilegal?
Why are beer and fags legal? items which cause alot of problems. such as damage, illness, social problems, ect. yet something like weed, be made ilegal? i know loads of people that get drunk and became alcholics, and caused public damage, and been in fights and arrested ect. and i know a lot of problems caused cigs. Yet i dont know anyone personally who has any illness from smoking weed or ever got major paranoia, or caused any damage while stoned? people that are high tend to be alot more layed back alot more chilled. and from what i've gathered alot of the working class people smoke it. and those that do dont really cause problems while high?



I can't fully answer this question but I would say it's because of history. The trade between the English and natives I think it is. Something like that, but Abraham Lincoln smoked weed. Although it wasn't close to as strong as weed nowadays, he did get buzzed. He even wanted to plant a large farm of it.
The thing with alcohol is that basically when you're drunk, you have no subconscious telling you what is right or wrong. That's why it is extremely dangerous for minors to drink especially adolescent boys because they are going through hormonal changes. Because of these hormones, they tend to be aggressive and if they are drunk and get aggressive, they can end up killing someone, and it happens. Alcohol is in fact very dangerous compared to weed. it causes brain damage and liver damage and can ultimately kill you while marijuana has shown medical purposes.

No, I don't believe the whole "Weed is a gateway drug" deal. It is common for druggies to start as potheads and stuff, but it isn't always true. I personally never picked up a joint and went straight to hard stuff like ecstasy.

there is no logic and also according to the controlled substaces act when developments are made, the law should be changed accordingly. but this gets ignored, alcohol has been proven to be a dangerous drug and nothing has been done about it, that is abuse of power. the people in charge just say that banning alcohol would go against its countries traditions wtf. people were smoking pot world wide as part of a tradition before even brewing alcohol its even in the bible. not that im religios but the bible is a book from the past and its not all lies and sh/t probly just the authers were probly stoned when they were writing it.

because then rich people who invested in oil would be a little less rich with a renewable resource that can grow anywhere. i hate how capitalism and conservative beliefs have pretty much doomed us.

EDIT: if something seems illogical or a stupid decision the answer is Money
no joke, just look at anything in politics

EDIT, uh... again: catherine you have no idea what you're talking about, i've seen my best friends lose just about everything with alcohol. it's a sad and tragic experience. me and my stoner friends are not addicted after 20 years

Because getting a high from an illegal substance leads on to wanting a bigger high, using a stronger drug, so is the start of a slippery slope, until one day, you find yourself a coke addict.

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