I'm in recovery from alcohol and marijuana and i'm looking for good reasons of why i can go on spring break!?!

Question: I'm in recovery from alcohol and marijuana and i'm looking for good reasons of why i can go on spring break!?
i'm in recovery with 9 months sober. I'm active in A.A. Me and my friends are going to Panama City Beach for spring break. They know my situation and have agreed not to drink. What i'm looking for is any good points or insight to help me share with my probation officer of why i can go and not relapse. i have alot already but i would like to hear others opinion. Thankss


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Stay away from Panama City Beach. No good can come from it in your situation. Instead consider Destin. Less temptation, same beaches, and easier for your probation officer to understand. Plus it's only 30 minutes or so from PCB. For more information on Destin check out http://www.doitindestin.com.

Good luck!

Yeah you're most likely going to want to stay away from Panama City. You'll be too tempted to do something which you'll later regret, I wouldn't go for it. Try to find a calmer place, or a place that's bigger so you can get away from the drinking and partying and have fun being sober. There are places in Daytona Beach which are actually down to earth, and calm. You won't have to worry about everyone around you drinking if you're in the right place.

for the break, and a test of will for you to enjoy the sunshine and your friends and be there for them and be the responsible one in case anything happens and anyone in your group should get out of control, and you would be there to help..and learn any lessons from other's mistakes while you are there, without having to make them yourself..and 9 months is a long time to be sober, so you know how quickly you can get caught up in it again, if that is what you wanted to do, but it is the fun in the sun, and not alcohol you go for from now on..and a much better time you will have without the bad effects of alcohol abuse ...right? don't waste money on a trip like this and be sick and hungover the whole time..your welcome

They won't let you go and 9 months in, you shouldn't. The temptation will just be too high and who the hell goes to spring break and doesn't drink. It would suck, call your sponsor and talk about it.

ex addict

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