Drank too much last night, didnt remember certain stuff?!

Question: Drank too much last night, didnt remember certain stuff?
Alright im 17 and please dont judge me for drinking, i know its wrong.. Anyway so last night I was at a party, and drank a good amount of alcohol (10-12) beers, and a couple shots of vodka. What confuses me is that I have dranken more than this, and was fine. So i crashed at the house and went to sleep at 12, i remember going to sleep. So thats where I dont remember, apparently I threw up (and apparently i made it to the toilet) and I dont remember that, or the fact that I peed on the coffee table and I told someone that this was the bathroom ( which apparently i thought it was) and i also walked around a little bit and dont remember. i woke up at 530 and drove home, which i shouldnt have, but i was making sure i was driving the speed limit and everything. So when i got home i went back to bed, than woke up and wasnt too hungover. and all my friends told me what i did, and its just creepy. Like i remembered when i went to sleep at 12, but nothing else.... I probably drank that in 3 and a half hours,so it was a pretty short period of time. I know it was a huge mistake, but how couldnt i remember that, like its a trip to me im kind of concerned. I appreciate the answers :)


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you blacked out...and your body functions, but you are not conscious of what you do, because your mental state is out of control, and so it lets you know what your body needs to do, but not how you should, because you have no control over your mind at this point, and with the many beers that you had, and the hard liquor it's a wonder you didn't have alcohol poisoning and throw up, because if you had not, it could have killed you..because your body cannot handle that much alcohol during an evening, so it had to automatically kick in, and try to get rid of it...so your lucky, and now you know..next time you might not be..and it kills people quickly this way, and once it poisons you..your body won't be able to handle it as well forever, so any amount can make you sick..if you can stand it, and you will get sick every time you drink, hence the saying of moderation in all things, right? you have been warned!

Dont worry your not the only one had a night like that on the jager and the same things happended exept for driving home the only thing to do is to learn from that night and never do it again if that is going to happen everytime

Time for you to quit if you're already having black outs.

Go talk to the guys at the AA. Get off the sauce.

I'm sorry kiddo, what's the question again??

welcome to the world of blackouts, just drink less next time.

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