what are some good quality e-liquid for an electric cigarette?!

Question: What are some good quality e-liquid for an electric cigarette?
Any good fruit flavors like apple or grape that tastes good and has low price.


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Your answer lies in product quality in this case. Several stores 711 includes offer electronic cigarettes that are not bad but online you can find deals such as free shipping and warranties at lower costs. In my opinion of your looking for a cigarette that produces a significant amount of vapor I would go with appealing smokes. I have purchased nearly all the starter kit components they offer and have been generally pleased. They also offer a 30 day satisfaction...you don't like it, you get money back. Don't spend your money @ 7-11 in my opinion buy online have it delivered and just re-order cartridges in advance. There are several brands that compete for the highest level of smoke with the e-cig, yet, my top bet would be:


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I offer high quality e juice and have many types of flavors. I think I like the apple most but grape is also very good. You can view all of the flavors here http://www.ecigpros.com/30ml-eCigPros-eL…

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