Is 'Barefoot Bubbly' considered upscale champagne?!

Question: Is 'Barefoot Bubbly' considered upscale champagne?
I'm going to a black tie affair and I was going to take a bottle. It's by far my favorite but I don't know if it's appropriate enough?


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No. Barefoot Bubbly is not upscale by any measure. It's an inexpensive sparkling wine. It is a fun drink, granted, but it is not black tie appropriate.

Refer to the source below for a full review of this $10 sparkling wine.…

Is your goal to subordinate yourself to the herd, or celebrate yourself as an individual?

If it is the first, buy something for the champagne snobs, place it on the altar of decorum when you arrive, and try not to be noticed until the dirge ends.

If it is the second, stick with what you know you like, enjoy yourself and encourage others to join you.

Good luck.


Barefoot Bubbly is not even considered Champagne, as the grapes for it were not grown in Champagne, France. They were grown in Califfornia.

The Barefoot line in general is considered very cheap.

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