cant get drunk???????!

Question: Cant get drunk???????
Well i bought a pint of Grey goose yesterday because i quit smoking, i drunk about a third of it in less then an hour and felt high? idk it felt like i smoked a lot of weed like a buzz, nothing was moving, i could walk perfectly fine , Ive been drunk before off of less. All I ate was 3 pieces of bread while drinking not much before at all. im 16 and weigh 135 any suggestions?


Well the ovious suggestion would be to drink more, thats how it works u know
an ounce and a half of 80proof spirits like goose is considered a shot. and a third of a pint would be about 4-5 shots, not really that much when u consider 6 shots would = a six pack of beer, and plenty of people take down a whole 6 pack while eating pizza. but quitting weed isnt gunna make u feel less drunk or anything if thats what u were thinking.
But imma have to agree and say you shouldnt be trying to get drunk at 16 any dam way, just wait till ur older, trust me you'll be drinkin plenty in your twenties. oh yea and it can screw with ur testosterone levels when ur young to, like alotta people say that bit about it stunting your growth, idk about that but u can def tend to develop less muscle then u normally would.

and to britney: dam b&#ch wtf?

You're an idiot.
I hope you die from alcohol poisoning or
You get arrested for god knows what and than get stabbed to death in jail.
You are going to end up costing tax payers millions of dollars because you're going to be a high school drop out with 7 kids and living on food stamps.

Damn brittany that's ****** up. But drinking to get drunk is not usually a good sign. Maybe switch to drinking beer. It won't get you ****** up that fast, but if you drink enough you will feel pretty damn good!

alcohol can shrink your brain and make irreversible permanent damage to you central neurosystem
If you are a male, both marijuana and alcohol will give man boobs !

you are only 16 and you are talking about getting drunk. i can already tell where your life is headed.

stress, because you quit smoking, as soon as you sit down it will hit you..

you sir, are god .

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