Have you ever drank everclear? If so how did it go?!

Question: Have you ever drank everclear? If so how did it go?

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Yes. Poorly. I'm an alcoholic, and have been for some time. Many years ago I had a drink from a bottle labled "Clear Springs" it was not the clear springs alberta vodka. Plain grey label, red border. At the bottom it read (in fine print) 99.95% pure grain alcohol. Anyway, I poured about 5 fingers in a pint mug and enough pineapple juice to almost change the colour. Big Mistake. This was right after the same measurements of Lamb's Navy 151 overproof. Do not attempt to replicate these actions, especially if you are 16, at someone else's house, and prone to stealing things like weed when you are drunk. (and you will be, no matter who you are)

Even just recalling the story here, my stomach is knotting up and my head rings. This story happened 13 years ago, and still affects me. Ugh. :(

yep, it was pretty good, it was better when we soaked a cooler full of fruit in everclear, and you could get buzzed on a few pieces of strawberry's and water melons..try that one for a crowd pleaser..get a few bags of frozen fruit and when it's partially thawed put it in the cooler and pour in enough everclear to soak it, and let it sit, then mix it a few more times and after a hour or so it's ready to go..good for people that don't like to drink but want the buzz.

Yeah, haha it went ok. I would say its not worth it. Alchohol with a lower proof provides a better experiance and a better kind-of drunk. First off, the taste it extremly potent. It burns your throat and your lips. It also makes you just wanna lay down and sleep instead of party like others make you want to. Its also way more damaging to your system. I wouldnt reccomend it

It's awesome, I would recommend it to everyone.

it was great i tried it on a plane lol

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