Should I try weed brownies for my second time?!

Question: Should I try weed brownies for my second time?
I have only smoked once with my friends and since it was my first time i did not get high. I thought about it two months later and i want to do it again but i don't want to have to deal with sneaking out and convering up the scent, so i thought i should try a weed brownie.
- I've heard that these cause a greater high and make people act a lot weirder. For someone who has never been high before how hard would it be to hide the high from my friends parents if they come downstairs or something?
-would there be any side effects the next day? Thanks for the answers, oh and if you think it would be better for me to stick with smoking again say so


You can if you want to. If you didn't get high the first time, it was because you didn't inhale correctly, weren't smoking potent enough marijuana, or because you didn't smoke enough. I didn't get high my first few times smoking because I wasn't smoking enough weed. Then I ended getting too high because I had decided weed didn't affect me at all and was smoking the rest of my bag.

The good thing about smoking is that it is a lot easier to control your dosage. It hits you very fast (within 10 minutes at the very, very most, it should be within 3 minutes for medium grade weed.) Brownies can take half hour to an hour to kick in depending on the potency, you usually people end up eating a lot of them because they don't feel the effects, then getting way too high once it all hits them. Also, you never know exactly how much THC is going to absorb into the brownie you eat. Sometimes it ends up being a dud.

As far as acting normal around parents, it shouldn't be a problem. Weed makes you feel very weird inside and get a little stupid, but you should be able to interact with your parents normally. I wouldn't reccommend starting a conversation with them, because you will talk about stupid things and they might catch on that you are high. If you are doing at at home, just do it late at night so you have an excuse for acting sleepy.

You should smoke weed though, it is so much easier. The smell of weed doesn't stick to things like tobacco smoke does. Just eat a breathmint, spray some cologne, and you are good. Do it outside though so that the smell doesn't get stuck in a room. If you inhale correctly and are smoking enough of the weed, you should get high. Some people don't get high the first time, but I think it is for one of those reasons. Since you are a beginner, maybe you should just smoke one bowl (3 or 4 hits) and see how it makes you feel. If you don't feel anything after a while, smoke another bowl.

Good luck with whatever you decide. If you do make the brownies, use a good recipe online, there are some that make the brownie taste normal and not taste like pot. And one tip, make some regular brownies too, so that you can eat those when you get the munchies. When you are high and hungry, you probably won't be thinking and you will eat the pot brownies and get too high.

I haven't tried eating marijuana. But I hear it takes a lot more to get you high that way, and the high is different. When you smoke, you get a 'head high', and when you eat it, you get a 'body high'. Most people prefer to smoke it.

It's pretty easy to hide being high if you don't get super high.

I had a weed brownie once and dont remember anything after that. It was a crazy night but I threw it all up. That could be because I had some alcohol in my system. I dont think theyre will be many side affects unless like me you dont remember it.

If you choose to try the brownies, just eat a small one (1/2 the normal size). give it about 15-30 min for any affects. Take it slow. Do go eating the whole pan cuz you don't "feel" anything right away.

Sure why not

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