i just drank redbull help?!

Question: I just drank redbull help?
i just drank a red bull and it didnt give me wings! what did i do wrong. i drank all of it. help . plz


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You need to chase Red Bull with a beer in order for the wings to function. Now, go ahead and get your beer, well, any alcohol will do, and drink up. Soon you will be floating on the wings of intoxication ala Red Bull.

what they dont tell you is you have to drink at least 3 cans before the wings start sprouting....... its a gradual thing, keep drinking, then try jumping off things.... :P

the adverts lie

is it just me or am i actually the only one here thinking whether to punch ur stomach and make the red bull puke out and then force out the wings out of ur skin??? hmmmmmmmmm

Are you sure ? The wings are invisible.

pour a whole bottle of aspirin in your next red bull, and i promise that you will have wings

you drank monster i think you will turn green soon and start breaking ****

forgot the jager.


wow... your funny...

you should get a good sense of humour to start..

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