Can't remember the name of a drink i had in Mexico?!

Question: Can't remember the name of a drink i had in Mexico?
I stayed in an all inclusive resort in Cancun last year, and for breakfast they had a line of pitchers that had different juices in it. One was green, i liked it, but i can't remember what it was. :/
Do you know of any drinks, made in Mexico, that are a light-green color?


It probably was Chaya Water! traditional from Yucatan! which is fairly close to Cancun! =]
I didnt like it but my friends loved it!

Are you sure it was green? Or kind of greenish looking.

It was probably horchata, which is made with rice. Is actually really tasty and good for you.…

I live is Texas and see it everywhere.

Limonade? Or.. I don't know how you spell it.. But its lime lemonade pretty much. It's light green, and in my opinion, pretty delicious!

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