What do you think when you see a mug shot of someone and they're grinning from ear to ear?!

Question: What do you think when you see a mug shot of someone and they're grinning from ear to ear?
I just looked at some mugshots online of wanted people and sexual offenders and some of them seemed happy to be on the other side of that camera. Did they actually think it was a glamor shot or something?


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I think, awww look at them. They know it's the crowning achievement of their life, the one thing they'll be able to tell other people that they did. You know those people... the ones who manage to throw the fact that they went to jail into every conversation they have, because they never do anything else worth mentioning (neither good nor bad). "You think this food is bad, you shoulda tasted what we had in the pen." "You think he was rude, try the attitude a prison guard gives ya!" "Nope, count me outta those plans. I'm not going back to jail. It was no fun in there!" etc. Anything to remind you that they did SOMETHING, and that someone else knew once that they existed, even if it was just a corrections officer, and even if it was just by a number instead of their name.

I think creepy, definitely creepy. unless its paris hilton or something because she obviously knows that the entire public is going to see it, so that's different.

some of them are funny though. they're usually high. or drunk. or both.

Oh u mean like in the Tuscan shooting. Ya, either they r mental or think they r reallllly cool. HOPE I HELPED:D PICK ME 4 BEST ANSWER

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