how can i make myself puke ?!

Question: How can i make myself puke ?
i have been needing to throw up all day but my body just won't let me and i'm sick of getting the feeling i'm going to throw up when i'm not, how can i make myself puke so i can get it over and done with ?


Ipicac syrup, you can get it over the counter. but be careful because it might make you throw up for the rest of the night!

pharmacy technician

Read this.…

you should not be making yourself throw up if you have a serious tummy ache asking your guardians to get you medicine.

Watch a gross video like 2 girls one cup, 2 girls 1 finger, pain olympics, ect.

Stick ur fingers to the back of ur throught and move your uvula. Trust me u will throw up so be prepared.

Turn on C-span and watch the government in action.

shot of straight tequila. enough said

dont ask

Don't be a pussy and stick your finger down your throat

oprah naked?

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