How much alcohol would be too much for mee? (info)?!

Question: How much alcohol would be too much for mee? (info)?
I'm 16 years old, 98 pounds. I'm going to a party soon, and im not much of a drinker but i will be drinking at this party. Would a beer, a malibu rum mixed with oj and some apple smirnoff vodka be too much?
I want to get drunk and have fun but i dont want to get alcohol poisoning. Any suggestions on how much of each i should drink? thanks!


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So you want us to tell you how much alcohol would be ok for you to drink underage? Lets see...

ANY amount. You can have fun sober.

Seriously, alcohol is not that big of a deal. 18 yrs old here.

Drinking at least 2 years before you're legally allowed to? Sooo hardcore (/sarcasm)

I work in metric only, but 98 pounds sounds skinny. If I were you I'd stick to an average of maybe 1/2 a standard drink (equivalent to 5mL of straight alcohol) every hour, for a max of 5-6 hours. And don't let anybody force you to drink more, drink quicker, or accept some drink that could be tainted with something.

Of course, swapping between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (e.g. have a beer then have a glass of water or soft-drink or something) and eating before you start to drink will help you not feel sick. Having enough water and food before you go to bed will also minimise any potential hangover in the morning.

Don't let anybody that has been drinking get behind the wheel of a car either.

Go have your fun but be safe about it. Drinking's kinda overrated though.

Been there, done that.

your 16 and shouldn't be drinking but we all know we heard that when we were that age.
Now just take your time though dont go pounding the drinks back and do not mix your drinks to much IE: 3 beers a bunch of rum and smirnoff and then more beer.....that will lead to a horrible hangover and headache.

Your Weight will also play a huge deal in all of this you gonna get buzzed ALOT faster then a heavier person.

But if you stick with what you said you should be fine.


To be on the safe side, take 5 shots. I was 15 and 130 lbs. last time I got drunk and I had 7 shots. Just be careful. I say 5 shots would be good for any alcohol containing 35%-45%

A little side note: To not get a hangover or make it so you only wake up with a slight headache like I did, eat a slice of whole grain bread and drink a lot of water, not too much though.

Health Class

As long as you're with really good friends, don't worry about it. Even if it doesn't happen this time, eventually you will drink to much and get sick. Kind of a "coming of age" sort of thing. Just make sure you really trust the people you're with and for god's sake don't drive!

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