Marijuana withdrawal?!

Question: Marijuana withdrawal?
Sure, it sounds silly compared to real withdrawals like alcohol withdrawal and withdrawal from more intense drugs like coke or heroine... but I believe there is at least slight withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking mary j after frequent use. I just wanted to hear people's takes on it. If you smoke pot, what happens when you cold turkey (if not, someone you know?)? as far as side effects... heres what i got so far, would anyone agree?

Sleep less, harder falling asleep
slightly disrupted digestive cycle? (anyone? yes? no?)
eat less? (no munches : P)

anything else?

do you think quitting brings more mood shifts than not quitting?


DUDE i just went through this exact thing!
since i was 15 i smoked weed (im 21 now)
the last 3 years i been smoking it RELIGIOUSLY!
before i get out of bed i would take 2-3 bong rips to get the day started
i would smoke before i worked out, i smoked before i went to work, i smoked before and during drinking beer, i smoked before i ate food, and before i went to sleep
honestly in those 3 years i probaly was sober 4 days out of those 3 years (NO BULLSHIT)
i live in hawaii where we got that MAUI WOWIE!!!
and we smoke like it's legal here!!!
i just stopped on january 23, i take my drug test in 2 days (its a practice test before i take the NAVY drug test)
i stopped so i could join the US NAVY
DUDE it sucked!!!
i would normally eat like 3000-4000 calories a day
the first week of quitting i was eating like 500 calories a day and sleeping like 3 hours a day
after the first week i started taking EQUATE ALLERGY TABLETS (they have the same effect of benadryl but cost a WHOLE lot less)
it put you to sleep
the reccamended dosage was 2 pills (i started with 8 and eventually got up to 15 within a couple of days)
only problem is you wake up feeling like ****!!! (atleast i did)
maybe it cuz i took so much, not to mention the 12 pack of beer id drink before taking the pills
(on the box it says "DO NOT TAKE WITH ALCOHOL" let alone a 12 pack of coors light)
anyways HONESTLY i HATED life until the 3rd week of quitting
buty it will get better, I PROMISE!!!
but what i wouldnt give to take a bong rip right now!!!
1st day i quit i threw my glass pipe away and my ZONG BONG (I WAS SO PISSED)
this may sound extreme to you but i ACTUALLY THOUGHT of SUICIDE (i didnt follow through OBVIOUSLY)
but rest assured my friend it will get better
MAKE SURE YOU WORKOUT DAILY (run, push ups, pullo ups, lift weights)
it will give you that natural high to help keep you going
but like i said (what i wouldnt do for a BONG RIP RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!
PS i forgot to mention the IRRITABILITY!!!!
i was always a REAL MELLOW HAPPY GUY
now i dont take **** from anybody!!!!!
in that reguard im a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON
the first weeks were brutal


One of my friends is a pretty heavy stoner. I think what you described, but minus the decreased appetite, it didnt effect her like tht, plus the digestive **** (though its hard to tell with her). Cause its a mental and not physical addiction, the symptoms tend to be more psychological- she gets kinda jittery and not so bubbly, and finds it more difficult getting to sleep, as she isnt as calm. Thats about it i think.

Marijuana can be psychologically addictive. I would say it's smoked for the feeling of the high, but also to relieve boredom because even boring tasks are more fun when high. When you quit, there will be times when you are bored and would just like to get high to counteract that boredom. This is my understanding of the psychological addiction. I've never experienced sleeplessness from stopping but I have heard that certain people do experience it.

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