will canned HORMEL chilli go good with beer?!

Question: Will canned HORMEL chilli go good with beer?
im throwing a party tomorrow
were gonna watch the LA clippers vs the OKC thunder
all im gonna have is 3 cases of coors light and a bunch of canned HORMEL CHILLI
will that mix well with the beer?
i dont want my friends throwing up!
were planning on getting WASTED!
im planning on chilli bowls with rice and chopped fresh sweet maui onions (i live in hawaii)
will it all mix together well?
personally im not worried about myself because i have a REAL HIGH TOLERANCE for BEER!!!


Aloha bruddah,

I take it the hormel is without beans, right? With or without beans it will be tasty, but be aware that rice will swell up with the beer. Depending on who you invite they may not be used to it and will eat too much and hurt themselves not from drinking but from the rice swelling.

Maybe cut up some spam grilled with a pineapple sauce into chunks and cover it with the chili and onions and have the rice in a bowl on the side so they just stir in a spoonful or two, if they are not used to a big bowl of rice and a six pack of beer. Also have some cut up fruit like papaya and some nuts like macadamia or pecans to mix it up a little and keep it from being too heavy.

Otherwise there's going to be a roomful of guys moaning so loud nobody will care about the game.

Maloha and enjoy the day.

everything goes with beer.

Just went to a chili cook-off and the best chili's were made with beer IN them. Beer and chili go hand in hand!

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