Is tap water bad for you ?!

Question: Is tap water bad for you ?
What does tap water have in it ? i live in the uk
And what are the health effects etc ?


Depends where in the UK you live, additives include :-chlorine, flouride and aluminium phosphate (non of which are particularly healthy but withouttwo of them the water would be almost undrinkable..Flouride is only put in because it`s supposed to be good for your teeth, even though it`s a carcinogen..go figure that one !!

In America we can go to the water department and request a list of everything in the water, and how much is added. Most tap water has many chemicals added to it. Their is a lot of controversy over the matter, but you would have to be willing to forgo what you have been told and read alternative science more to understand the true risks. Fluoride is very common. And one of the most controversial.………

Tap water cannot be directly used for drinking. Based on the location and environment there may be many impurities in the tap water. The impurities may include micro organisms like bacteria ans presence of different slats beyond optimum levels. For example presence of excess of fluorine causes fluorosis.

theres recently been something on the news, i think friday and UK and Ireland tap water and some being polluted and some having E-Coli in it which is affecting peoples health

before this outburst, tap water was seen as good for you.
If your concered why don't you ring the company you co-operate with and ask them

but if you never been sick from it before,im sure your ok

well my dad is 85 years STRONG and he ONLY drinks TAP water (here in hawaii)
so if anything its PROBALY HEALTHY
me personally, I LIVE ON PURIFIED WATER from the water machines outside WAL MART
PS when i went to the phillipines for 6 months the locals told me to NEVER drink the water from the water pump (yes we had to pump our own drinking water
me personally i ONLY drank purified water from the markets
my cousin in my village died from drinking water in the phillipines (and he lived there all his life)
he only drank tap water and it eventually gave him diarehea and killed him
NO JOKE!!!!!!


it depends where you live. i live in a small town in oxfordshire, at the bottom of the chilternd. our water runs through the chalky hills and is beautifully pure. but by the next town, it har reached a treatment pland, been recycled, and all manner of chemicals added. the water where i work (25 miles away) smells strongly of chlorine, so i would not drink that, but at home its lovely.

it has fluoride in it, but i think the UK doesn't put very much in there tap water, only north america because they think it helps are teeth grow straight but we know that's bull

no. it's just too warm for some peoples liking.

i think so not but first u find the source of the water

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