Best brand of champagne?!

Question: Best brand of champagne?

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These are considedred the Top 5
Louis Roederer's Cristal
Dom Perignon
Krug Grand Cuvée
Veuve Clicquot

I never had the Cristal or the Pommery, but would not argue with any one of the five being named best.

I'm not sure where Shirley got her source, but she's mixing brands with speciffic labels.

Cristal is a specialty bottling of Louis Roederer
Dom P. is a specialty bottling of Moet and Chandon.
Grand Cuvee is an entry-level bottling by Krug
Pommery is actually a brand.
V.C. is actually a brand.

Also, I'd like to know who considers those the best? Pommery's whole line is mediocre. Cliquot makes a couple decent bottles (the vintage Brut Rose is pretty tasty) but many of their line is average in quality, at best (I'm looking at you, Yellow Label). Krug makes some amazing stuff (Cd'M and Cd'A), but the Grand Cuvee is their worst product. Dom is vastly overrated, unless you hit an amazing vintage. And Cristal has never blown my mind the way many other Champagnes have.

Besides the Krugs I mentioned, I also love Egly Ouriet's whole line, Bollinger, Duval Leroy, Gimonnet, Henriot and Ruinart. Once you get past the biggest names, the door opens to the really good stuff.

I'm a sommelier.

As there are 12 "Grande Marque" houses,Heidsieck Monopole, Charles Heidsieck, Piper Heidsieck, Lanson, Veuve Clicquot, Bollinger, Krug, Louis Roederer, Taittinger, Pommery & Greno, Moet et Chandon and Mumm. They all have their own "House Style"(Cuvee) for non vintage wine, slightly better, would be the "Vintage" wine then better again, the "Prestige Cuvee" It could be said that any one of them is "the best" it all depends on ones preferences. If you were to only consider the price charged as the guide to "best" then Krug is the best but...M&C`s Prestige Cuvee, Dom Perignon would seem to be the best, but that`s merely because it`s been advertised well and people "know" the brand so retailers can get away with charging more for it...doesn`t make it a better wine though.Others worthy of mentioning are "Diamant Bleu" from Heidsieck Monopole, "Roederer Crystal" and Pommery`s "La Belle Epoch"

When you have tasted them all, you will be able to give YOUR opinion as to which YOU think is the best..for me..Diamant Bleu

Actually a lot of rubbish is talked about Champagne.
Most of it is Label snobbery and not whats in the bottle.
In surprising many cases during blind tasting the cheap Supermarket own brands have won over the so call aristocrats of the Champagne world.
So don't be blinded by labels and famous names.

Try a Krug or Bollinger. If you have a wine merchant near you, see if they have a house champagne. You can find some good ones that way. Good luck.

A matter of personal opinion, surely?

However, as a man of refined good taste, I personally prefer Asda's.

Blue Nun!

Well its fizzy innit?!

Dom Perrignon.

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