When, how and why did Vodka become a popular alcoholic drink among Russians?!

Question: When, how and why did Vodka become a popular alcoholic drink among Russians?
and why Russians particularly? what did Germans drink mostly? or English ?

when became very popular? and how it was made?

why wouldnt make something more tasty, such as "Schapps"? would mostly let fruit rot and cook it into a drink after? how made drunk?


Vodka:- alcoholic colourless almost odourless, almost tasteless liquid, made from (in Russia) a low strength potato brew which is distilled (to pure alcohol if done four or five times).

Because there were a lot of potato crops and the people were poor, turning potatos into an alcoholic drink was a cheap way of drowning ones sorrows. It became a Russian national drink since there were so many people doing it, of course the better ones got popular and became international brands, like, Stolichnya, (Wyborova is Polish, but the same history applies) Smirnoff etc.

Did you know it was a Russian distiller, living in Lesvos, Greece, who invented Ouzo !
In UK Vodka is made from Barley, which also makes Whisky and Gin, it all depends what you do with the spirit once it`s in the spirit safe..put it in oak barrels or flavour it with juniper or aniseed,

Vodka became a popular drink in Russia because of their very abundant potato crop, from which vodka is made.

Vodka is popular in Russia


Because vodka is the best!

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