Is orange jello the best to mix with orange vodka for jello shots?!

Question: Is orange jello the best to mix with orange vodka for jello shots?
Just wondering if it will be too much orange or if I should try some other jello flavor?


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The only problem I foresee is that you are talking about 2 different orange flavors

The vodka is made my macerating orange peels in the vodka over time

The Jello is artificially flavored with chemicals that taste like orange

They may fight each other, or one or the other may dominate

Or the vodka may be firey enough that it doesn't matter

Orange is good, cherry is good, blue raspberry, green lime. They are all decent for jello shots. Another factor you have to consider is which color do you want your carpet to be. If you do multiple colors, it can be totally psychedelic. I am assuming you're having a raging party, right?

Bill Cosby

It shouldnt matter... if anything it would just cover up the taste of the vodka... If you dont want too much orange flavor just use regular vodka...

It does matter what flavor. Lemon is the best with vodka. Orange is on but not strong enough

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