Can u drink orange juice when you have a cold?!

Question: Can u drink orange juice when you have a cold?
Stuffy nose, blood in mucus, yellowish, or orange in color?


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OJ is good for you, filled with vitamin C. But if your mucus is not clear you are most likely suffering from a bacterial infection versus a viral. You should go to the doctor and get antibiotics. Big difference between a cold and a viral infection. If you don't want to go to the doctor you can get Nyquil.

Why not ? But if you have blood in mucus then you need medical opinion and orange juice is irrelevant. It does not make a difference.

Sorry to hear that. Drink as much as you want. Some people believe that the vitamin C helps. The re-hydration doesn't hurt a bit either. And stay away from me.

There's a whole Non-Alcoholic Drinks Board for questions just like this one (you know, one not about booze).

You'll be fine. Orange juice is the best when sick

YES it will be good for you, but you may need to go to the doctor

Why couldn't u

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