Is it okay to bring a baby to a wine expo?!

Question: Is it okay to bring a baby to a wine expo?
The Virginia wine expo is this weekend and was wondering if it would look bad to have my baby with me. I will just be sampling the wines....not looking to get drunk!


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Absolutely not.

You made your choice to have a baby, now take care of it, and don't force it opon those who made the choice to not have one and enjoy life without children.

Let there be ONE thing in life that is for adults over 21.

You have everything else.

You might not get drunk, but others will. Those expos are totally for amateurs. I've watched people throw up right on the floor at such events. Do you think that's a suitable environment for your baby?

Hire a sitter. you'll be so glad you did.

I'm a sommelier.

I'd say no hon. Not only will it look bad, but even though YOU won't be getting drunk, others will. Plus it seems like an adults only environment and the other attendees might be resentful.

Depends on the circumstances. If you're going to be attending lectures
and wine tasting demonstrations I would suggest not such a good idea.

You will look bad, get a babysitter or a family member to look after the baby.

Totally inappropriate. There is a time and a place and this is not it. You will definitly get evil stares.

Jajajajajaja, sure, just dont put wine in the bottle

NOOOOOO what if the baby gets hold of something when you aren't looking??? get a baby sitter....


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