Is this really bad for me?!?!

Question: Is this really bad for me?!?
For the last 4 weeks, I have drank half a shoulder of vodka each weekend, all at once but mixed. Then last night I had another half a shoulder mixed, I want to drink the same tonight but will something bad happen! I mean I know this isn't good, binge drinking and all, but I wont have to go to hospital or anything will I? I weigh like 10 stone...


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If you do that I fear you will have the exact amount for a disease that replaces your blood with potato juice from the vodka. It's very dangerous but manageable. I fear it's already happened due to your weight being measured in stones. Any normal person would have converted it to lb's because really who cares about EU measurements. I would drink tequila tonight and make sure you get the worm. It will clean out your blood

you'll be fine...
i'm american so a shoulder is what a 350ml right? you can only get alcohol poisoning the more you drink in one sitting, its not like u drink the same every weekend then suddenly go to the hospital on the 5th weekend. and when i was a teenager i weighed like 135 lbs and i used to drink a whole pint of hard liquor on sat. nights, every1's different but id say thats not even that much if weigh 140.
and dont listen to people saying alcoholic, they must be Mormons or something

binge drinking every weekend for the past 3 years, no hospital visits yet!

If you keep at that, you will be an alcoholic in no time. The rest of your life will be ruined, not to mention your health.

youll become an alcoholic but thats the fun of it right

well i used to be like u but drink to just get high :)

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