My brother is depressed and over consume alcohol?!

Question: My brother is depressed and over consume alcohol?

My brother has turned into a state of depression, excessive alcohol consumption, and become very irritable. He always wants to be the best at what he does, work and more. He feels constantly watched the work of a director's calling both weekends and evenings, and in the home of a girlfriend that require renovations of homes and more.

His workload is constantly increasing, but he feels that his resources are not enough. He says that he must never relax, be alone and will then often to alcohol on weekends and holidays to get some kind of quiet. This in turn leads to anxiety, and sometimes fights with his girlfriend, who sometimes use physical violence and destruction of common property.

The couple have three children who are not happy in life. What should I do?


understand that as a relative certainty that the state feels like to change a situation that certainly sounds difficult and stressful. You said in your letter that your brother has been caught in a vicious circle in which performance-related thoughts leading to actions that increase his stress, which he in turn needs to subdue with alcohol and that this results in an infected, and intolerable family situation. This is likely to increase his internal sense of stress and demands, which can trigger the cycle again.

There are several problem areas that I can identify in your letter. It's your brother's internal requirements and thoughts on performance, his consumption of alcohol and family conflicts that lead to physical violence and destruction, possibly in the presence of the couple's children.

For these problems, it is important to devote particular attention to the situation of children (especially if they are under 18) go first, because they live in difficult circumstances in which parents themselves are likely to have difficulty in changing the image problems that exist.

The recommendation is that you here turn to social services in the children's domicile, to, possibly anonymously, consult with an officer about what you can do in this difficult situation. If you choose to first consult with an administrator, you can also say that you only want advice / consultation without mentioning any names.

You can also choose to directly make a orosanm?lan. When the social services received a notification of a preliminary assessment of the content gives rise to a contact with the family. Children's best interests are always in focus. If it is determined that there is a cause for concern, reservation is often a first meeting in which family, social services and the notifier will meet to discuss the information obtained in order to get a clearer picture of the situation and in order to be able to build a foundation for cooperation and further action.

Social Services has the opportunity to start a more in-depth investigation into the family if it is determined that the need exists, and then, if necessary, offer parents of different forms of support, such as group activities for children and parents, family therapy, and more. Read more about this on the link to the right.

It is important that your brother can help her consumption of alcohol as a potentially hazardous use of alcohol also impairs the forecasts for any other change. Social Services may at any contact / investigative attention to this, and to offer activities to help your brother with the problems that may occur with alcohol. Read more on the link to the right.

The next step may be important to your brother may help other behavior that also increases his risk behaviors, and where you can get help through medical services, psychiatric or occupational (where he works) to be linked to physician and / or therapist who can do a detailed survey of his problems.

The best thing would be to motivate and help the family, possibly your brother and / or his partner to seek the above actions on your own by expressing your concern for their situation. However, if you feel that this can be difficult, so I recommend that you first make contact with the right social services to increase the chances that a change occurs.

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