What happens when you smoke weed?!

Question: What happens when you smoke weed?
Ok so about 3 hours ago i smoke weed.. about 3 puffs, nothings really happened apart from the fact im hungry, but im always hungry. Can effects still happen? if so what things?


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well, most people dont feel much there first time, not me hahaha. its practically life changing. and remember, if it comes out of the ground its alright. so dont do crack or something. thats the reason why its a schedule 1 drug, the idiots who decide it would be a good idea to OD on any other crazy drug out there.

basically when you smoke:
You feel hungry until three hours later when you become a Hedgehog who lives on South Island with your animal friends. Soon you'll encounter an evil scientist by the name of Dr. Robotnik(Eggman if your Japanese). Dr. Robotnik seeks to obtain the powerful Chaos Emeralds for the purpose of creating Robotnik Land, and sets about transforming animals into robots to serve his ends. Once you realize Dr. Robotnik's evil ambitions, you muse pursue him though several of the world's "Zones" before eventually defeating him in Scrap Brain Zone. Following this victory, you simply return home to South Island to rejoin your friends and resume your normal life and marvel at the many rings you collected on the way while waiting for the onset of the "munchies".

This is typical for most pot users, but everyone experiences it a little differently, like i saw a 3 tailed fox one time, trippy....

Maybe you didn't smoke it right. When I smoke weed I get paranoid and sometimes hungry. I feel like I am twitching even though I'm actually not. Me & weed do not mix well. On a few occasions when I didn't get paranoid I either felt really good or I laughed a lot.

Your throat will develop beautiful yellow colour warts, your nose lining will have a silver sheen, your intestines will enjoy a smoky campfire and your stomach will expect a weed barbecue.No wonder you are hungry.

If you smoked enough you would be a noticeable high. Sometimes I smoke just a little and only get munchies. If you were just normally hungry then you probably didn't inhale right.

If anything happened, you would know it. You need to inhale deeply, not just puff. And hold in the smoke from each hit for a good 10-20 seconds.

well either you didn't hit it right or it just wasn't bomb. cause when i smoke im pretty gone by my 3rd big puff. sometimes the 2nd one. but effects wouldn't happen anymore just like you said. hunger !

When you smoke weed you become a better person. Remember that.

If it was your first time nothing much is going to happen, try it again tomorrow you should get a different reaction

No effects won't still happen. Smoke more.

you die

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