Milk Thistle for hangovers/liver protection?!

Question: Milk Thistle for hangovers/liver protection?
I had some friends in college who took this Milk Thistle supplement to combat hangovers. I never tried it, but have read up on it and apparently it's an antioxidant and it can help protect the liver from damage and detoxify it from already present toxins? Anyone tried this?


Milk Thistle is amazing at cleansing the liver of toxins and for general liver health.

It is not a cure for hangovers, nor a magic bullet for alcohol damage, meaning that popping a pill before or after a binge is not going to prevent long term damage.

However if you have liver problems, that may manifest themselves in various ways, you will find that taking milk thistle regularly is nothing short of miraculous. It will end night sweats and make you feel less lethargic, or what ever symptoms you have, in a short period of time. Milk thistle should never be seen as a substitute for discovering what is causing your problems in the first place, including alcohol. It repairs damage, but it does not cure what is causing damage.

It is practically impossible to take too much in a single dose, but it make be necessary to schedule breaks when taking it over long stretches of time.

One little known fact about milk thistle is that it is one of the only known cures for mushroom poisoning. If you discover that mushrooms were poisonous immediately after consuming them, a massive dose of milk thistle may be your only chance of surviving. If you discover they are poisonous, twenty minutes after consuming, take the milk thistle, but call an undertaker.

Good luck.

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