Drinks to get you drunk quickly- that aren't strong?!

Question: Drinks to get you drunk quickly- that aren't strong?
I love coolers and can drink those no problem- I used to be a big drinker mixing vodka and sour puss and just doing straight shots but after a bad night out I can't stand the taste of vodka and strong drinks anymore- I would like to get drunk and have fun with my friends tonight and I would get drunk off coolers alone if I could handle the wicked hangover but I can't
So: what are some alcoholic drinks where you can't taste the alcohol but will get you drunk
(preferably not vodka but if i have to :P)


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Four Lokos or something else with a really high alcohol content in a big can thats made to taste like fruit punch. If it can kill a high school kid, i'm sure it can get you drunk.

I have concocted two super drinks. Both times, I had help with the original mix. They do taste sort of boozy, but after two or three you will not care.
They are:
Rocket Fuel: In a pint mug, add 4 Oz's gin, top with cooler of your choice. (this will glow under black-light)
Rotten Peach: In a shot glass, layer, 1 part Jack Daniels, 1 part Dr. McGulicuddy's Peach Schnapps. (this one is strong, yet still female-pallette compatible)

Trust, brother, trust.
I have done some drinkin', lo these thirty years!

Carlo Rossi Sangria. Period. Exclamation Point. End Of Discussion.

This stuff is on fire. Its flavored red wine, not real sangria but it tastes exactly the same. Sweet and citrusy, very palatable.

It is sweet and goes down super easy but is 10 percent alcohol. You can drink it like water it tastes so good but be careful.

A 4 liter jug is only like 11 dollars. Two of those is enough for a party and everyone will like it.

Be careful, it is almost too easy to drink and tastes so nonalcohol like that you drink too much before you know it.

I've tried a lot of variety of booze. Don't be put off by the low price, it is a good product.

Omgg.. that happened to me, but with Bacardi. Now i cant even smell it anymore..
I like Tia Maria, it goes down really easy and it gets me out really fast --but then again im a lightweight so, i guess it depends on you.
Another thing you can try is mixing the drinks with something to change the taste.

LMAO. There aren't any. You can taste alcohol in any alcoholic beverage. My best advice would be to pour a jigger of Vodka into a liter of coke and mix it really well. That would probably drown out most of the taste.

If you like bacon this stuff is amazing, use it in a bloody mary. It will get you drunk in no time!


Buy the best quality vodka you can afford, even if it means buying the 750ml size

Margaritas or my sangria (on my site)! Good Luck :-)


That's a contradicting statement lol

Kamakazes are ok, and extremely sweet.

Get 99 Apples and put cranberry juice in it. It's sooo good and does the trick right away.

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