is OG kush more potent than Purple kush?!

Question: Is OG kush more potent than Purple kush?
i've heard OG kush is not even a kush strain but that's irrevelant to my question. what are the THC levels of each, ultimately which one is stronger?


Just depends on the way it's grown and the way you react to all the different cannibinoids (not just THC, but hundreds of others, especially CBD I think it's called with Kushes and other Indicas), but real kushes are always real strong. Give you that, I'm glued to the couch and it is physically impossible for me to do anything but smile kinda buzz. lol

I'm not sure about the THC levels, but I can tell you that in my experience OG kush has WAY more of an effect on me than purple.

I'm not sure, but be careful with that carp, it can cause some serious panic attacks.

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