What are some boss drinks (Patron, Moet, Grey Goose, etc.)?!

Question: What are some boss drinks (Patron, Moet, Grey Goose, etc.)?
name some more please.. and be specific (there are different types of each)!


Big Jake is right. The brands mentioned by the OP are simply famous, not good.

Patron is a joke. They don't even sell it in Mexico. It's made for American import only. There's virtually no agave flavor, to appeal to the American palate. Yuck.

Moet and Chandon produce many Champagnes, from the crappy Imperial to the "meh" Dom Perignon. There's soooooooooo much better bubbly out there for the money.

In blind tastings, Grey Goose continuously scores on the bottom. It's a crappy product, made famous by Sydney Frank, marketing genius extraordinaire.

Why not take the time to find some lesser-known, better-made types of alcohol and impress your friends with your knowledge instead of being a sheep? That's what I'd call boss.

EDIT: I am sticking to the topic. You wanted "classy" drinks. Ordering things just because they're expensive doesn't make you classy. Drinking what actually taste good, and not what other people tell you tastes good, is classy. You're the one swallowing this stuff, right? Who are you trying to impress?

If I knew a 19 year old guy who knew a lot about cocktails, beer, wine and spirits, it'd be pretty impressive.

I'm a sommelier.

Classy and ostentatious are antonyms.

Cristal says "boss" pretty effectively, but if you have a Patron and Gray Goose budget, you're not shopping for $500 bottles of champagne. Stick with the liquor store baller status bottles like the ones you mentioned. There is no shortage of expensive alcohol, but if all you want is brand name recognition, get ten bottles of Patron and make your money go the distance.

I made a mistake. Thank you, "Big Jake," for being so tasteful about pointing it out. I have never purchased VC, but I remembered seeing it once, so I assumed it was expensive because I didn't think I paid any attention to inexpensive champagne. Clearly I have a better memory than I give myself credit. Or everyone can assume I'm an uncultured imbecile. It makes no difference to me.

Anyone obsessing about what's "boss" is a follower, by definition. Why don't you get your own style and rock it confidently. That's what makes someone boss, not cravenly following what every other follower (not to mention strangers on the Net) follows.

VC isn't $500/bottle; it's less than a tenth of that, as mediocre champagne shoud be. And Grey Goose is crap. Seriously, French vodka? Why don't you drink Italian beer and Polish tequila and Chinese whiskey while you're at it?

Boss wines



Boss spirits



Not sure what you mean by boss drinks but...

Johnny Walker Blue ($175 a bottle)
Remi Martin Louis XIV - I think it's over a thousand dollars a bottle
100 year old Grand Marnier

Try Hendricks Gin - About $40 a bottle

I think Hennessey or any cognac is classy. Martinis are classy. I think anything over rocks is boss.

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