What kind of drinks would you expect wealthy women to drink?!

Question: What kind of drinks would you expect wealthy women to drink?

Cosmopolitan for sure

They drink sweet inexpensive white wines with fancy names and pretend they are classy. That is in general, but they drink all kinds of stuff. Same as anyone else. Vodka, margaritas, wine spritzers, etc....

I know a few rich women and they love to get drunk...

I'm a wealthy woman and I drink:

Good wine, which is almost always French or Italian
Gin Martinis

Not vodka (it's flavorless) and nothing sweet.

My gut reaction tells me to say, "expensive ones," but maybe they got all that money from being frugal.

So, I'll guess that they would drink things that they liked.

Wine wine wine. Or something like double vodka tonic and in a tall glass with a lemon wedge. They tend to be picky about things.

probably champagne yuk i don;t like it i,m broke so i drink beer lol when i have money i drink red wine

Gin and tonic
Good wine
Bloody Mary
Vodka and Cranberry
Dry Martini

My mother

Wine, sparkling water, champane

Gin and Tonic and Wine

My aunt is 1

Scotch and soda
Martini straight up with a twist

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