Any other Vodka Drinks?!

Question: Any other Vodka Drinks?
I need to know easy Vodka drinks. Any suggestions?


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basically any of your standard breakfast drinks...

Vodka and...
O.J.= Screwdriver
Grapefruit=Greyhound (put salt around the rim and its called SALTY DOG)
Cranberry= Cape Cod (lime wedge is great)
Pineapple & Cranberry= Bay Breeze
Grapefruit & Cranberry= Sea Breeze
Lemonade= Bullfrog
Pineapple (no name)
Olive Juice= Dirty Martini (should have a drop or Vermouth, but really you can do without that)
Kahlua= Black Russian (add milk/half&half and its called White Russian)
Butterscotch Schnapps= Slippery Nipple (add Bailey's and its Buttery Nipple)
add a drop of Vermouth an olive = Martini
add a drop of Vermouth an onion= Gibson
add Tonic Water & lime squeeze/wedge= Vodka and Tonic
add Club Soda & lime squeeze/wedge= Vodka and Soda

Vodka and cranberry juice with a lime wedge if you have it.
Flavored vodkas such as cherry, raspberry, vanilla, chocolate mixed with Diet Coke!
Vodka and orange juice
Vodka and bloody mary mix and some big fat martini olives...
Vodka and any type of juice you might like.

Vodka and soda with a squeeze of lime is delicious in a subtly refreshing way. Try flavoured vodkas to make it a bit more interesting.

Panty Dropper= pink lemonade and vodka

make jelly with half water half vodka yum yum


vodka, cranberry juice and peach schnapps

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