Question: Weed???????????????????????
Ok so I went into a smoke shop or watever u call it I saw the bongs and everything so I say.... Damn u sell everything but weed...the dude workin at da store with a real serious face says u cant say tht in a smoke shop I was wondering y I cant say it or if he was kidding


You are not allowed to talk about weed in a smoke shop at all... the pipes and bongs they sell are for Tobacco use only (thats what they say to get away with selling paraphernalia)

The second you mention weed, they'll usually just kick you out.

Wherever you are weed is probably illegal and they are considered glass art so they can be sold in public. You can use words like that because it's just sort of a taboo? They won't be able to keep their business license if they get that type of reputation. Sort of like food or many other things, they have to change things to get around the law.

because he could get in trouble, in a smoke shop everything they sell is legal because its implied to be tobacco use only, which is why you have to call it a water pipe when your in the store

Its cuz even tho most people buy pipes and bongs to smoke weed with at smoke shops for legal bullshit they have to say its for smoking spice and tobacco.

He could get into legal trouble for peddling drug paraphernalia

cos the feds are listening

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